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The Tiff Library - Fast & Simple .Net Tiff Library

TheTiffImage is a fast & simple library that helps working with TIFF image file format, with it you can: 

- Merge multiple images in one multipage TIFF image
- Append images to an existing TIFF image
- Split a TIFF into multiple images
- Get specific page from a multipage TIFF image

TheTIFFImage performs these tasks significally faster than many other thirdy-party libraries and example code available on the web.

Some common features based on the previous core functions are implemented: 
- Grayscale conversion and black and white conversion: every page is extracted and converted and then remerged into one multipage TIFF. 
- Perform a generic Action over every page of a multipage TIFF.

TheTiffImage implements two basic classes: FileSystemTiff and InMemoryTiff. You deal with InMemoryTiff as long as your image has not been saved on disk, then you should use FileSystemTiff that exposes some overload and allows you to load images from disk and work on them directly avoiding memory problems when files get of huge size. It is in facts possible to work with very large TIFFs.

A lot of overloads are implemented on both classes to reduce boilerplate, code friction, messy casts and thus achieving cleaner code at application level.

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